When Is Driving Alone No Longer Safe?

When Is Driving Alone No Longer Safe?

Older people want to maintain independence as much as possible. While we understand their sentiment, sometimes doing certain things on their own would expose them to danger. For instance, there are physical limitations that make seniors not suitable to drive on their own anymore. As a trusted provider of non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California, we advise that you check the following to know if it is still safe for your elderly loved one to drive alone:

  • Stiff Joints and Muscles.
    If your senior is experiencing joint pains because of old age or arthritis, it might affect their reflexes when driving. They might have a hard time hitting the break or turning their heads or the stirring wheel quickly. For those with severe arthritis pain or disability, wheelchair transportation might already be needed.
  • Vision problems.
    If your elderly family member is already suffering from poor eyesight, they might have trouble reading traffic signs or noticing incoming vehicles. It is best to not let them drive especially during the night.
  • Hearing problems.
    Having hearing problems might make it hard for your senior loved one to hear horns, sirens, or even certain noises coming from their own car.
  • Medication effects.
    The medication that your elderly is taking might have drowsiness as an effect. If they are taking this kind of medication regularly, it is best to advise them not to drive alone since they might fall asleep while on the road.

If your senior is already experiencing these problems and can no longer drive on their own, we can offer help in their transportation needs. Safety 1st Medical Transport offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Ventura County, California.

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