Motion Sickness in the Elderly and Ways to Combat It

Motion Sickness in the Elderly and Ways to Combat It

People of all ages experience motion sickness. But senior citizens tend to be more susceptible to it because of their physical and mental condition. The symptoms of motion sickness can be hard to detect as these are usually the same with symptoms of other health conditions and side effects of medication. That is why when seniors need to travel, specialized services for elderly transportation are necessary.

Motion sickness is nausea caused by motion or movement, specifically by traveling in a vehicle. Common symptoms include dizziness, paleness, and sweating. Seniors are prone to experience these because of inner ear imbalances and slower reaction times, which are natural results of aging.

Arranging safe transportation is needed when elderly people travel, whether it be for a medical or non-medical appointment. Wheelchair transportation is the most well-known service that helps seniors travel safely by vehicle. With this, a senior passenger does not have to move a lot because they can remain in the wheelchair while inside the van.

If you are living on the West Coast, make sure to choose the safest transportation service. We provide the best and safest ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California. We believe that assistance and great care should go hand-in-hand when transporting seniors. With this vision, we help seniors who experience motion sickness.

For your loved one’s transportation needs, call on our non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California.

We at Safety 1st Medical Transport can help your loved ones overcome motion sickness while traveling! For handicap transportation or elderly transportation, always choose the most reliable and ready-to-help facility.

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