What You Should Look for in an NEMT Provider

What You Should Look for in an NEMT Provider

Looking for a provider of non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California? Make sure to research your choices as not all providers are the same.

Some can offer ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California, while others, like us at Safety 1st Medical Transport, can offer non-ambulatory services.

Taking this into consideration is especially important to ensure that your patients who require handicap transportation are comfortable and safe. This is to ensure that the safety of your clients, such as seniors availing of elderly transportation, is secured.

Among the other considerations, you should take note of include a good record. Having a good record does not only mean proper compliance with the latest set of operational rules regulations of the state, but it also means proper vehicle licensing.

Always check if the provider you have in mind meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, these ensure that their vehicles are compliant to the standard safety measures and other accessibility features—something that is especially important if you need wheelchair transportation.

Above all, make sure to check if the NEMT provider you are looking to hire is trusted in the community. Read through customer reviews and compare experiences, or better yet, call the provider yourself to get a feel of the people you will be working with. This will prove to be handy especially if you need specific arrangements like transportation for disabled individuals.

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