The Importance of Checking with Your NEMT Provider First

The Importance of Checking with Your NEMT Provider First

Availing of NEMT services may appear straightforward. But there are services that may seem like an obvious choice for a trip to a healthcare facility, for instance, that would turn out to be exhausting. This is why, as a non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California, we at Safety 1st Medical Transport, make sure to advise our clients ahead so we can provide the correct type of services, regardless of what they or their family member may insist to avail at the given time.

For instance, a client may view ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California, to be appropriate for his/her loved ones seeing that they can walk just fine. However, even if ambulatory transportation isn’t part of our offered services, we have seen how it’s not always advisable for patients without mobility problems.

This is because, oftentimes, factors such as their overall comfortability level, potential physical issues from medications, etc., aren’t considered when deciding the transportation service to avail. Unfortunately, the consequences aren’t limited to their levels of comfort. Their safety can also be compromised when they are not supported properly.

In a lot of these cases, wheelchair transportation would have been ideal even for patients not needing medical equipment but still need a bit of assistance, patients who have disabilities, and patients who are recovering from a surgery, among others.

Thus, it’s always better to check with your provider first when considering NEMT service for your loved ones, especially if you’re looking for options for elderly transportation or for handicap transportation.

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