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Traveling Tips for Our Seniors


Recognizing that our senior loved ones may need additional support is not a display of weakness. It is the first step to make sure they are safe and healthy for whatever comes next – including transportation.

Travel can be especially tricky for our elders. Some families consider getting wheelchair transportation when necessary. You may also prepare additional care and items for the journey. Here are some checkboxes to consider before making your travel:

  1. Wear loose and comfortable clothing – this works for both the patient and the guardian. Traveling requires a lot of movement. And the logistics of getting in and out of the vehicle, plus the walking and stair climbing, call for the type of clothing that does not limit your mobility.
  2. Carry your medications – many things can happen on your journey. Getting stuck in traffic or face additional delays does not give an excuse to skip on medications. Remember to pack sufficient prescriptions in your bag. You can also carry your first-aid kit or emergency supply to be ready.
  3. Hire a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Ventura County, California – aging individuals face unique challenges when traveling. These should not prevent them from meeting their appointment. Our vehicles are equipped with features to provide safety and comfort for senior travelers.

Are you considering wheelchair transportation in Ventura County, California? Let Safety 1st Medical Transport help you. Call us now!

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