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Packing Your Safety Traveling Bag


Many things can happen while you are on the road. This makes you think ahead and prepare for whatever you may need. When you are traveling with a loved one, the need for security and readiness increases. After all, we all want the best for our loved ones.

When traveling with a sick or disabled family member, you need to be more than ready. You look and only book the most reliable ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California that you can find.

  • When your loved one needs wheelchair transportation, you carefully select a reliable partner. Here at Safety 1st Medical Transport, we use power lifts in our vans to ensure our clients’ safety and security.
  • Your transport is just one item. You also need to prepare what your loved one may need along the way. A safe traveling bag that is customized to you and your family’s needs is what you need.
  • Your safety bag should be big and durable enough to contain the items you need to pack while not adding weight. You will be moving around a lot and weights can wear you down.
  • Make sure you have their medical needs – prescription medicines, pain relief, antihistamine tablets, or motion sickness. A first aid kit containing antiseptic solution, bandages, and regular first aid items should also be present.
  • Pack food and water for the journey. The trip may take longer, or you may find yourselves waiting in line longer. It may be difficult to find the prescribed meals for your loved one.

After packing your bag, you are set to go. Let our non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California drive you where you want to be. We also offer gurney transportation to ensure that you receive proper care.

Choose Safety 1st Medical Transport.

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