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Why Do Some Wheelchairs Have Larger Back Wheels Than Most?

Why Do Some Wheelchairs Have Larger Back Wheels Than Most?

If you take time to look, you’ll find that there are wheelchairs that have bigger back wheels than their front wheels.

These wheelchairs are called self-propelled wheelchairs. As their name suggests, the rider does most of the propelling themselves instead of having someone push the wheelchair for them. These are ideal for people who want to continue maintaining a sense of independence despite their physical disability.

One facet of their functioning is that they require a great deal of upper body strength, especially when rolling up ramps for non-emergency wheelchair transportation. However, some of the more expensive models are powered by electricity and can be steered using a joystick, much like an aircraft.

The other option for wheelchair-bound PWDs is the transit wheelchairs, in which a caregiver is needed to push the vehicle forward. With our ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California, transit wheelchairs make it more convenient, and safer, both for the caregiver and the transportation staff to load the patient up the ramp and into the medical transport vehicle.

If you need non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California, contact us at Safety 1st Medical Transport, where your satisfaction and safety are both guaranteed.

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