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The Risks of Missing Kidney Dialysis: Importance of Safe Transportation

The Risks of Missing Kidney Dialysis: Importance of Safe Transportation

Having ready and reliable non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California for your routine kidney dialysis can make the difference between sickness and health. Depending on how rapidly toxins build up in your bloodstream between appointments, it may be possible for you to get very sick.

Renal (kidney) failure means that your body can no longer filter waste from your blood, which results in a number of problems including:

  • swelling of the hands and feet,
  • internal bleeding,
  • confusion,
  • high blood pressure, and
  • fatigue.

Frequently missing your treatments or missing more than one in a row is a sure-fire way to set your health in flames.

That is why Safety 1st Medical Transport is here to provide clients with quick and secure ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California that is always ready and always available for whenever our clients need us.

If for some reason you can’t make it to an appointment or are feeling too ill to make it, inform your doctor about your decision and listen to whatever advice he may have to say. Dialysis should never be skipped without proper medical monitoring.

Our transportation services are guaranteed to help you or your loved ones with your medical appointments along with our wheelchair transportation services.

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