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The Risk Factors for Motion Sickness

The Risk Factors for Motion Sickness

At Safety 1st Medical Transport, we take ambulatory transportation in Ventura County, California to another level.

Through our reliable non-emergency medical transportation in Ventura County, California, we ensure our patients get to their destination safely and on-time. Unfortunately, despite preparations and careful procedures, discomfort happens. This can be due to motion sickness.

Motion sickness happens to anyone. However, when our vulnerable loved ones experience this, the situation can get difficult for them. You are assured that we are able to provide the assistance you need throughout the journey. Our wheelchair transportation lets seniors remain in their wheelchair while they are secured in the vehicle.

While some people are particularly sensitive to motion sickness, there exist some risk factors that further increase the chances of the person getting uncomfortable while traveling. Women, for example, are generally susceptible compared to men. Children, especially those aged two to 12 years old, have higher risks than adults.

Certain hormones can influence motion sickness. For women, menstrual cycles, use of oral contraceptives, and pregnancy can trigger hormonal release that increases the probability of motion sickness. Patients suffering from balance disorders such as migraine or vestibular disease also have susceptibility for motion sickness.

Motion sickness can be uncomfortable for our loved ones. It is important to talk to them through this. We are all ready for you.

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